Cover Makes Me a Modern Girl

01 Apr 2022

Cover Makes Me a Modern GirlS

Cover Makes Me a Modern Girl - Sleater-Kinney covers compilation.

Heavenly Creature Records have released a compilation album of covers to raise money for Girls Rock School Edingurgh - a non-profit organisation running free music workshops open to all women, girls, transwomen and genderqueer persons regardless of age or ability.

Cover Makes Me a Modern Girl is a collection of Sleater-Kinney covers by artists across the world. The record is available on a pay-what-you-can/want basis.

We’ve got a cover of Surf Song on there which was recorded with the help of Shi Blank on bass, Stu Bannister on additional percussion (and lots of support and advice), and LJK providing additional vocals (reading the letter).

The song itself was the B-side of their first ever single, and we all love it. We think we’ve done the song justice, even if it’s slightly different - but isn’t that how a good cover version should be (discuss)

Did I mention that the compilation is raising money for Girls Rock School Edingurgh? Go and buy it.

The original Surf Song by Sleater-Kinney can be found on YouTube

The cover art is by Calvin Halliday

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If you prefer you can listen to Cover Makes Me A Modern Girl on Bandcamp.