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Field Recordings 3

A new collection of manipulated field recordings combined with musical ideas, to bring you sounds, rhythms, and melodies, as I hear and experience them.

The album also revisits old recordings, and places, to make new work. Crag Well, and Chichibu (from Field Recordings) are both revisited directly, and a previous recording from Ardrossan (Field Recordings Volume Two) gets incorporated into I can do that for quite a while if you want.

Made partly as a reminder to myself that time taken to stop, listen, and to reward my focus, is a good thing - may you also find something worthwhile in these sounds.

A Sense Of Place Bingley

Peaceful, centred, thought provoking

- audience feedback, Bingley, 29th November 2022

Sometimes loud · Sometimes quiet · Sometimes loud

Expect guitars, left-field acoustic songs, Post-rock excursions, and ambient and experimental soundscapes.



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