The Argent Grub

Love Songs

Fuzzed up love!

If it were vinyl, it would be a double a-side 45.
Two songs that could be love songs, but then aren’t they all?
For those of a sensitive disposition you should be aware that there is a liberal use of fuzz throughout.

I Can’t Breathe

A response to the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020 sparked by the death of George Floyd

I Can’t Breathe - Listen and Download for free on Bandcamp

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The track features the names of 108 black men and women who have died at the hands of police

Listen Up

Soundtracking the speeches of Greta Thunberg

This is small way of sharing and amplifying Greta’s words. Please share freely.

If you would like to donate, give to a organisation committed to fighting climate change like Extinction Rebellion.

Listen up - Listen and download free on Bandcamp

How Dare You: Greta’s full speech to world leaders at UN Climate Action Summit, September 2019

Let’s March: Greta’s speech at Bristol climate strike, UK, February 2020

Our House Is On Fire: Greta’s speech to the World Economic Forum 2019


Greta’s Speeches

Earth from Apollo 10

I Can’t Breathe Album Image by Anthony Quintano
Licence: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Modification: Cropped from the original to a square. Added The Argent Grub logo.

Microscope image of Tardigrade