BPH Session with Eli Rainsberry

BPH Session with Eli Rainsberry

17 Jun 2022

I’ve been spending time with inspirational musicians lately.

Active at FUSE

A Grand Re-Opening

08 Jun 2022

Lots of interesting stuff at the FUSE Grand Re-Opening.

BPH Session with Dean McPhee

BPH Session with Dean McPhee

10 May 2022

Learning about solo performance from Dean McPhee.

Spare Bob

Producing Hub Sessions

09 May 2022

A live performance project supported by the Bradford Producing Hub.


Dawn Chorus Day 2022

22 Apr 2022

Join in our live broadcast following dawn around the globe.

Walk - featuring Lianne Hall

The story of Walk

08 Apr 2022

How did I end up working with Lianne Hall?

Cover Makes Me a Modern Girl

Cover Makes Me a Modern Girl

01 Apr 2022

Cover Makes Me a Modern Girl - Sleater-Kinney covers compilation.

Surf Song

Surf Song

28 Mar 2022

Surf Song cover for Heavenly Creature Records compilation.

Altered Lane

Altered Lane

22 Mar 2022

Altered Lane on the Resonance Extra: Outlands Takeover

CAMP Radio


01 Mar 2022

New music, a new radio shows, and some welcome support.

You Held Me Video Still


02 Feb 2022

Some new music, radio, and video that I think you should know about.

Ampled Logo


25 Jan 2022

Ampled is a co-op for musicians, and I recently signed up as a member.

Vox Repeat Percussion

Vox Repeat Percussion

30 Dec 2021

I was working on a new effects pedal over the last month or so - a Vox Repeat Percussion.

Play Music Project

Play Music Project

07 Dec 2021

We started the Play Music Project yesterday in FUSE Art Space.

Able Noise

Some Bands - November

22 Nov 2021

In the last few weeks I got to see Sigmund Void, The Dead Hamster Society, Gerard Bell-Fife, and the G.L.A.R.C label tour, all live in Bradford.

Random Numbers

Hello Person

12 Nov 2021

A new track, Hello Person, has been added to the Random Numbers album.