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Devi Ever Hyperion Fuzz

15 Jan 2023

Hyperion FuzzS

Built a fuzz… With the help of the amazing Guitar FX Layouts website I’ve managed to build a Devi Ever Hyperion Fuzz.

I love it. It’s amazing.

It’s been sat around on my bench for ages, waiting for a case. I found an old tobacco tin in a charity shop, and thought I’d try that. It’s fairly delicate, but it actually works really well.

I think all the electronics were from bits that I had lying around - although I had recently bought some parts to build a Big Muff clone.

Most pleasing though, was that I was able to use a transistor from an old boiler someone had left in our street. (This build combines PNP and NPN transistors) so that’s kind of good.

Over use of Fuzz was a big part of the Love Songs EP