Going Live | The Argent Grub

Going Live

18 Oct 2023

Going liveS

The Argent Grub as a live music experience.

In a previous post back in May I talked about how a few of us had started to try to play the Argent Grub tracks together in real life.

Since then, working on the idea that the hardest bit about being in band is getting everyone together in the same time and place, I’ve been working on a plan to get people together.

Back in June I started to talk up the idea with a number of people - setting 8 weeks in October and November as a defined period to simply get together and play. We would use The Argent Grub Field Recordings tracks as something to start with, and take it from there. I also pencilled in 1st December as a possible performance date - but emphasised there is no obligation to do that - we can see how we feel later.

One of the conversations was with fellow Bradford Sound Artist, Simon East who was also looking for a chance to perform, and had a few ideas…

So, last night was the third time we’ve met as a group. We have:

We’re working on

And, it looks like you can come to see and hear it on 1st December at FUSE Art Space.