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The ArgentGrub

About The Argent Grub

Moulded by Post-punk, New Wave, and Two-tone, matured through Grunge, guided by John Peel, and mellowed with age, The Argent Grub creates music that at one turn is left-field singer songwriter, at the next is Post-rock, and the next is ambient and experimental.

Inspired by DIY culture and the belief that we are stronger if we work together, the creative process embraces the free culture movement.

Free and open source software is at the heart of the production process, and all music and video are licenced for reuse.

The Argent Grub is based in Juliusstrasse Studios in Bradford, UK.

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All the software, plugins, and content that are used, and the people who helped, in the creation of The Argent Grub’s output are listed with the tracks on Bandcamp.

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